Questioning Identity?

Apparently if I question to notion of gender as a natural category of humans I am being transphobic. I say this because I have received several responses from people identifying as Trans who denounce my thoughts and words as transphobic. What is not clear is whether this denunciation applies to me questioning other categories of identity such as races or social classes. I suspect not, but I believe these also to be ‘man-made categories of human differentiations which have allocated power and status on what are apparently human differences.

Am a lesbian feminist and I say this with some pride because my lesbian feminism has enabled me to look at these ‘man-made’ notions and push them aside. Racism for example is real in that there are people who are treated ‘less favourably’ in society because there are deemed to be from a particular race, this was mainly to do with colour, but Hitler and his ilk identified Gypsies and Jews as well as African peoples as ‘inferior races’ compared with the so-called ‘Master-race.

And whilst women have not been subject to mass extermination we have nonetheless been subjected to rape, general violence, and murder because we are women. This is so widespread that the News reports in the UK do not even bother to mention it on a daily basis- it is just taken as a given, and when it is reported it is because a famous woman has been raped /battered or murdered.

Trans women have been murdered because they are Trans, not many but still too many but who is doing the murder? It is not women it is men. So why the clear hatred that many Trans women are showing to women? Is it because they are still acting like the men they were socialised to be? It looks like it to me especially as I am now receiving significantly more hate mail from them that I ever have from mere racists and homophobes.

To say that I am a Trans hater was inaccurate, but I fear I am becoming one as a result of the attacks on me and the attacks include claiming that my insistence on defending myself is ‘transphobic’. I have not ever attacked a man or women in my more than 50 years of politics. But I have had to defend myself from time to time and I can still do so and will if necessary. That the British police think this is a crime shows me the levels of sexism and racism that still prevails, but I can take that lightly after all it was worse when I was a small black child in the Britain of the 1950’s and 60’s.

The politics of gender are as progressive as the politics of racism. And I hope that the increasing young people who are being seduced by this reactionary and dangerous politics will stop and consider whether gender is simply a reactionary trend. This trend includes threatening and damaging those of us who wish to demolish gender and race ( and all other forms of discrimination) with their inherent inequality and put in its place an equality for all human beings to be the best that they can be irrespective of the man-made* labels that have oppressed us all for so long.

*By man-made I mean made by men, or those people designated male at birth.

At the time of writing this first volume of my memoirs I have become involved with what appears to be a World-wide fight against this new trans politics. As it appears to be ongoing I have decided to stop here but my views about Trans are developing each day as I see more anti-women rhetoric spewed out in the name of Trans I shall continue to speak out as best I can.

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