Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party 2018

I wish to speak out as a Jew against the demand that Christine Shawcross be further punished for her support of an Anti-Semitic comment/action/thought. She has apologised for giving support to someone who had she the time to read what she was invited to support, no doubt would not have signed her name to this letter. But she did and has now apologised for it. Some Jewish representatives are calling for further punishment of her and I wish it to be known- Not in my name. Anti-Semitism remains an integral part of the definition of racism enshrined firstly in the Race Relations Act of 1965 and continues to be included in all subsequent legal definitions of the category ‘race’ within the UK law. And if parity of esteem is to be awarded to all who are covered by this legal definition should all people be sacked for using offensive and discriminatory language and actions against Black people, or Irish people? The Labour Party and all of Britain’s political parties need to ensure that all of its members as especially its political representatives received training on the contents and application of the of the Equality Act 2010 and not just assume that we are all free to define Civil law as whatever we think it should be. In fact, on that basis, I have found myself recently defending the right of a person to reassign their gender because the Gender Recognition Act and the EQA 2010 contains the equal right of a person to undertake a process to reassign their gender. And that to recognised in law. Jews will continue to argue about the interpretation of the 613 laws but we cannot use the same process in interpreting Britain’s equality laws agreed by Parliament. Let us deal with the facts of law and be mindful of what will make the lives of all of Britain’s peoples safe and equal, we need to argue this through not silence elected representatives who make a mistake. Linda Bellos 30.3.2018

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