My! How things have changed?

Thirty-Six years ago Israel invaded the Lebanon and I was working at Spare Rib, the now-defunct Feminist Magazine. Like many other Jewish Feminists, I protested against what I thought was a criminal act but within weeks we found that not only was Israel denounced for this and other hostiles acts in the region its very existence was questioned. I found myself defending Israel’s right to exist because the same or similar could be said of all of the UK's former Colonies and now Commonwealth partners. The demand for Israel to be pushed back to the sea is Old and much rejected as a political strategy but it seems that the tables have turned and we no longer have to defend Israel, now one has to defend a critique of Israel. What I am hearing from parts of the varied Pro-Israel lobby in the UK is as problematic as the old Anti-Israel lobby and I wish both sides would stop- and agree to listen to each other rather than demanding position statements first.

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