Owen Jones

It is clear that Owen Jones is a chap, that is to say a male person who grew up with the privileges of male hood. And as such he no doubt assumes that he knows what women think and feel about being excluded. The current argument with some Trans women is about their insistence that anyone can identify as a female and that is the same as being a woman. Whilst we think that femininity and femaleness are constructs of men and that we are in fact women in contrast to men and that the only significant difference between the two genders are reproductive functions.

This is why women fought for the right to work and be paid the same as men for work of equal value, and to join all of the professions from which they had been previously banned, by men as I recall.

It is men who have dominated not only the professions but Parliament the vote. Perhaps Owen needs to be reminded that it is only 100 years since the first (Upper Class) women were allowed to vote in Britain. And here we are being told by people who were previously males that they can define who we are and their right to speak on our behalf. I know a number of Trans women who do not share this very sexist view of women and are not wedded to this new and disrespectful notion of gender.

Thousands of feminists are outraged at this new gender politics which reinforces everything that women have fought against in Britain since Mary Wollstonecraft. Gender is a male construct, not dissimilar to the construct of race and class and Jones tells us which side he is on. Shame on you.

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