Chromosomes X and Why?

I have become increasingly concerned about the notion of races and in studying the history of this human differentiation have concluded that the notion of races was developed to justify the enslavement of millions of African human beings. It was over the following 400 years that has been used to justify the annexation of much of African, Asia and the Middle-East by Britain and other European ‘Empires’.

There is but one race the Human races. And over the same historic period theories about women’s subjugation, was justified and continues of the ‘female’ of the species. No doubt you are aware that White Working-Class people were for a short time considered in the early 19 Century, to be a different ‘race’ than that of the Aristocrats and growing Middle-classes. I make these points to illustrate the contentious nature of power over categories of humanity and the need to understand the nature and history of race and gender, in order to ensure equality for all, which I for one care passionately about.

Why are some members of the Labour Party and many students at UK Universities allowed to dictate a narrow understanding or regard of its history, just as most people do not understand or know the history of racism over the last 400 years?

In this instance, I perceived the need for those us with XX chromosomes to be able to recognise that they are slightly different to those human beings with XY chromosomes. Different only in terms of our reproductive systems.

The notions of genders, like that of races, is a social system which is about power. And ironically as women have won rights to be treated equally to men so coincidentally have some men taken to demanding to be female. The current fight, since I cannot call it a debate when feminist women are not allowed to speak. It looks to me very anti-feminist. And a timely reminder that we need to revisit the creation of a new Women's Liberations Movement and that there should be space for a branch for those Trans women who consider themselves feminists.

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