The Seven demands of the Womens Liberation Movement 1971-1978

The 7 demands of the UK Second Wave Women’s Liberation Movement (from 1971 to the present)

(International Women’s Day 1971)

1 – Equal pay now

2 – Equal education and job opportunities

3 – Free contraception and abortion on demand

4 – Free 24hr nurseries

(National Women’s Liberation Conference, 1975)

5 – Financial and legal independence

6 – An end to all discrimination against lesbians and a woman’s right to define her own sexuality

(the last -so far- …National Women’s Liberation Conference, 1978)

7 – Freedom from intimidation by threat or use of violence or sexual coercion, regardless of marital status and an end to all laws, assumptions and institutions which perpetuate male dominance and men’s aggression towards women

I'm sure i'm not alone in feeling that we need a body of women to restart the Women's Liberation Movement and build upon what our sisters have done before us by creating an inclusive movement to bring about equality for all women. Any ideas? please comment below!

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