I have breadth of experience in the field of equality and diversity, drawing from my varied history and roles over the past 50 years. When you grow up being one of only 30,000 people in the UK who is of African heritage (as I was when I was born in London in 1950) you grow a very thick skin or you get wise.

I apparently wear lots of different hats. I am English 'cos I was born in England.' I am Jewish because my mother was, and I am also proud of my Nigerian heritage. And from an early age I thought that I was equal to other human beings. It was later in life that I recognised the systems of discrimination that exist and that I needed to understand how and why they worked so they could be challenged and overcome.

I have enjoyed a productive and varied professional life working mainly in the field of equality. In the current climate of 2017 I'm not sure whether the current Government understand what our Laws on Equalty say, but this has been true for all Governments even when they have passed progressive legislation.

Now that I am returning to the field of Equality after the death of my partner, I bring a new clarity for what needs to be done, and I am keen to work with progressive organisations to ensure that they go beyond tokenism and develop and deliver Equality outcomes consistent with the Law and not just what seems to be fashionable or easy.

I have long argued against the idea of a hierarchy of oppression in which we seem to place one life experience above others eg. race above gender or gender above race. Or the new dilemma of Trans which seems to elevate the notion of gender above that of sex.

With my long track record of analysis, understanding and explaining complex social ideas relating to Equality, I can help you find your way through them to create viable, dynamic, fair and inclusive communities.